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Water Testing

April 17, 2017

Newly enacted legislation requires school districts to have water levels tested for lead based contaminants. This is in accordance with Public Act 99-0922. We have had water testing completed for both schools by Environmental Consultants, a company specializing in this area.

The good news to report is the results came back great. There are a few areas that needed addressed, a couple at each building. The sample scores were low, but Illinois requires a notice on anything above 5ppb. Above 15ppb is where we take a corrective step. Keep in mind the EPA nationally is set at 20ppb. The areas that tested high were due to non-use.

Chris Conner, our maintenance director, and I have met with Environmental Consultants and the problems have already been addressed. The high sample at Illini involved a rarely used hand sink in the kitchen area. There are actually two hand sinks in the kitchen, and one simply doesn’t get used much. We have cleaned the lines and replaced components. A second draw sample of this hand sink was in the acceptable range.

Illini Water Report

At Grant, we had high readings on a kitchen hand sink, again used minimally because there are two, and it was addressed the same as Illini.

Grant Water Report

Although not reaching the corrective action level of 15ppb, we did have a water fountain in the GMS cafeteria test at 10.6ppb. This is an old fountain on the far side of the room which doesn’t get as much use as the one by the entry. While not required, we have decided to replace it to ensure there are no future issues.

Should you have any questions about the water testing or the results of these reports, feel free to contact the district office.


Matthew Stines