Lunch Tray

I am pleased to share that our District qualifies for the Community Eligibility Provision under the National School Lunch Program. Many of our families have qualified for free and/or reduced lunch prices in the past. Under the CEP provision, EVERY student now qualifies for free breakfast and lunch. As a district, this is great for all of our families, easing the stress that packing or paying for a lunch may have caused. I do want to note that this provision does not cover individual milks, or any of the a la cart items we may have available through OPAA!.

 We do still have student fees in place for each grade level and for technology use, as well as athletics and PE uniforms. They are the same as last year. A schedule of fees is attached with this letter and is also available on our website. Parents are still responsible for the student’s fees unless you receive benefits under direct certification, SNAP, TANF, or qualify with a completed district fee waiver, also attached and available on the website. Regardless of a change in eligibility, families are still responsible for any prior student account balances which have accrued.

 With the new CEP eligibility, we highly encourage all of our students to eat breakfast and lunch at school every day. OPAA will still be offering multiple selections for our students each day. There is always something good on the menu in the school kitchen!