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Here are the details about the delivery of meals for students.  This plan is subject to change, and all further updates will come via school message call. One prepared breakfast-lunch sack will be available for any family member or student under the age of 18.  

Our school, in cooperation with transportation and food service, will begin breakfast-lunch delivery on Wednesday March 18th.  The buses will be following regular education routes only.  The route for delivery will begin approximately (3) hours later than their regularly scheduled pick up time.  For example: if your normal pick up time is 7:30 am please expect the bus to arrive at your stop with your breakfast-lunch sack delivery around 10:30 am.  Please be patient as these routes may take additional time. 

If you do not ride a regular education bus, or miss your drop off time, you can still receive a breakfast-lunch sack from your school between 10:30 AM and noon.