Good afternoon everyone. Today, the Governor announced that the school closures and remote learning programs will be extended through the end of the term and we will not be returning to the buildings this school year.

 The learning will continue. We will continue to provide lessons and support through our remote learning platforms with continued documentation of TeacherEase and Google Classroom.

 The meal program will continue. We are still providing breakfast and lunch through a curbside pick-up at Grant from 10am-12pm every day. On Fridays, we are providing meals for the weekend as well.  

 We know this has been a huge shift for all of us. We also want to sincerely thank all of the parents for what you have been doing to support learning during this unprecedented time. We also know this can be a lot… to be parents, work, keep up with the house, and to be teachers. Some of you have expressed some frustration and concern about doing this completely. Rest assured, there is no wrong way for you to help your child with remote learning. In all of this, we want our kids engaged, have opportunities for learning, and to do the best you can.

 We know there are also things that need to be wrapped up with a return to the buildings off the table. We are working on schedules and a system for you to be able to pick up any personal items that may still be at school. We will likely do this in conjunction with a future date for dropping off and picking up work. We are also working on student account balances for field trips, lunch accounts, and LatchKey payments to provide for a refund where applicable.


Details will follow in the near future.