Dear Grant Community,

At a special board meeting held today, the current COVID situation was discussed by the Board with input from many members of our community. Current trends in numbers at a regional level, state level, as well as nationally were taken into account with a focus on whether or not the District should continue with students attending in person, or whether we should utilize a full remote option. Uncertainty with the holidays played a contributing factor in the Board’s decision. I assure you this was not any easy decision for them, and by a 4-3 vote it was decided that our District will return to remote learning after the Thanksgiving break.

The extent of the remote learning will be from Monday, November 30th, through Friday, January 8th. We anticipate students returning to the building on Monday, January 11th. I do want to be clear that this is the current plan, but unfortunately, we all know that things can change quickly where the virus is concerned.

There are details which will need to be worked out with staff for the remote platform and more information will be made available soon. What you can plan for is students coming home with their school materials and technology on Tuesday, November 24th.



Matt Stines