Dear Illini Parents,

Thank you for all of your cooperation and patience as we have started the new school year. August is always a learning curve as students, staff, and parents adjust to new routines and getting systems in place.

One of the systems we have been monitoring closely is the pick-up and drop off procedures at Illini. As we are all aware, we have many parents transporting their children and this has caused some traffic congestion on Circle Drive, Baldus, and on Bunkum. Our safety committee for Illini met this morning and worked through a possible solution. Our goal is to alleviate the congestion, make sure the process is safe for our kids, and to make things as smooth as possible for parents entering and leaving the Illini campus.

Starting Monday, August 23rd, we are going to allow parents to park their cars on the south lot, so that you may walk up to the sidewalk for your kids. The pick-up line will still be available, and we hope that by using both methods we can improve the process.

Here are some things we are asking from our parents:

  • If you have a young child who requires a car seat/ 5 point harness, please
  • When you walk up to the sidewalk, please have your mask on. Teachers   
  • The back two rows of the south lot will be for our parents.
  • As you leave, please exit left and continue to use Baldus Drive to access
  • There will be NO PARKING on Circle Drive.
  • When in the pick up lane, please pull forward as much as possible, keep

           use the parking and walk up option. It takes some extra time to get these

           kiddos loaded up and we are hoping with you parked, it will speed up the

           pick up line.

           will be out there with students. Please make sure you have some sort of

           contact with your child’s teacher when you pick up. A wave, thumbs up,


           Bunkum. Baldus drive is a 25 MPH zone. Please observe the speed

           limit out of respect for our neighbors.

           pace with the flow, and be ready to get your kiddos quickly.


Again, thank you for all of your help towards improving our pick up and drop off processes. Officer Hinson has also developed a map which shows the entrance, exit, parking, and no parking areas for your reference.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact my office.


Matt Stines